Venture Colecovision Video Game
Venture Colecovision Video Game

Venture Colecovision Video Game

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Product Details

Product Identifiers
Publisher Coleco
Game Venture
Key Features
Platform Colecovision
Genre Action, Adventure
Location USA
Tech Details
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Release Year 1982



Venture is an action game in which you control Winky, the heroic adventurer. Your goal is to collect as many treasures as you can which are scattered throughout numerous dungeons. In each dungeon, there are several chambers which each contain a treasure. Armed only with your crossbow, you need to get past the varied creatures which guard the chamber, snag the treasure, and make it out again. This is made harder by the maze guardians, who roam the corridors and will pop into a chamber to chase you if you spend too much time inside. Furthermore, even after shooting a creature you need to be careful, because touching its corpse before it decays will kill you all the same. Some chambers are trickier, containing moving walls that must be avoided, or walls that vanish suddenly to release a pack of ferocious creatures. 

When you collect the treasure from each of the chambers in a dungeon, you can then move on to the next, more difficult dungeon.