Win, Lose or Draw Nintendo NES Video Game Cartridge
Win, Lose or Draw Nintendo NES Video Game Cartridge

Win, Lose or Draw Nintendo NES Video Game Cartridge

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One of the most popular game shows of the late 1980s comes to the NES in Win, Lose or Draw. Just as in the show, two teams compete as they attempt to guess what is being portrayed on the screen's drawing board. 

Each game consists of three standard rounds followed by a speed round. In the standard rounds, either the computer or a member of the participating team attempts to draw a categorized subject (for instance, the category of "The Silver Screen" may yield an answer of "Planet of the Apes," illustrated by a picture of Earth and a monkey). The guessing team has 80 seconds to answer correctly by typing in each letter of each word, then entering the word once it is complete. If an answer is composed of more than one word, each is entered individually and displayed in relation to its placement in the phrase. Points are awarded based on how quickly the correct answer is entered. If no answer is correct within the 80 seconds, the other team has a chance to steal the points away. 

The speed round, featuring as many answers as each team can guess correctly within 60 seconds, allows for quite a few extra bonus points and its answers cannot be stolen by the other team. At the conclusion of the speed round, the team with the most points is the victor.

Win, Lose or Draw features several options. As previously mentioned, a team can decide whether it wants the computer or one of its own team members to draw. In the latter choice, the answer is revealed to the artist as his or her teammates hide their eyes. Other options include deciding whether or not your team is composed of men or women and the ability to practice drawing outside of a competitive atmosphere. In addition, a password can be entered so that none of the 500 answers are repeated after playing the game on separate occasions.
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Game Win, Lose or Draw
MPN 087855000300
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Platform Nintendo Entertainment System
Location USA
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Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Release Year 1990