Call of Duty 3 Nintento Wii Video Game
Call of Duty 3 Nintento Wii Video Game

Call of Duty 3 Nintento Wii Video Game

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After landing on the beaches of Normandy, soldiers spread out to liberate Europe from the Nazi regime. In Call of Duty 3, single players focus on the stories of four Allied soldiers that begin at Operation Cobra, and leads to the eventual Liberation of Paris. Game room generals will lead the group through 14 missions filled with multiple attack routes as a member of either the American, British, Polish, and Canadian armies. Each path requires the use of special tactics in order to navigate the course effectively. 

Soldiers come equipped with special skills such as the British SAS soldier's knack for sabotage and the Canadian mechanized infantry's expertise at inventive vehicles. The Wii controller is used in all aspects of combat, and players must use the motion sensor technology to reload, throw a grenade, row a boat, and wield a dagger. Environments include deformable objects such as piles of wood that move and splinter when shot and players may destroy soft cover to flush enemies out in the open. Additional "Battle Action" invites gamers to shoot less and get their hands dirty setting C-4 charges and fighting Germans with their bare hands.
Product Identifiers
Publisher Activision
Game Call of Duty 3
UPC 047875816619
Key Features
Platform Nintendo Wii
ESRB Rating T - Teen
Genre Shooter
Location USA
Tech Details
ESRB Descriptor Blood, Language, Violence
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Release Year 2006
Game Special Features
  • Experience the tribulations of four Allied soldiers and fight in such battles as Operation Cobra

  • Ride shotgun in a motorcycle sidecar, commandeer a Jeep, or lead a tank through a forest full of trees

  • Perform tasks such as setting C-4 charges or taking on a German officer in hand-to-hand combat