Rainbow Six 3 Black Arrow Microsoft Original Xbox Video Game
Rainbow Six 3 Black Arrow Microsoft Original Xbox Video Game

Rainbow Six 3 Black Arrow Microsoft Original Xbox Video Game

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Mediterranean and Eastern European regions are the destinations in this sequel to the console's Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3. In an attempt to bring chaos to the war-torn, oil-rich regions around the Black Sea, an international group of renegade military officers plans to kidnap telemetry and rocket scientists with the intention of creating weapons of mass destruction. Team Rainbow has been assigned the responsibility of preventing this malicious group from reaching its goal.<br><br>Though Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow uses the same graphics engine as the original, it incorporates advancements such as two new multiplayer modes, Retrieval and Total Conquest, along with ten new multiplayer maps. For multiplayer gamers, Black Arrow's most obvious improvement is its support of Xbox Live's "3.0" features, which offer increased support of clans by incorporating a logo editor and statistics listings. For offline action, the game features a new split-screen mode.<br><br>Criticized by fans of the earlier game as imbalanced, the .50-caliber rifle has been replaced by a standard Dragunov sniper rifle, along with M4 carbines. Enemy artificial intelligence has been improved, designed to challenge players with enemy terrorists that will call for back up when outnumbered, or even use hostages as human shields.

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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow

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Microsoft Xbox
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M - Mature

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Blood, Violence
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<li>Lead anti-terrorist operations in the war-torn regions around Black Sea<br/><br/><li>Improved AI powers terrorists who call for back up and use civilians as shields<br/><br/><li>Full support for Xbox Live's "3.0" features<br/><br/>
Game Series
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Series